Mystic Mine

Mystic Mine is the first game that I've developed completely by myself. I've designed the gameplay, programmed the whole thing and did the art. It is the game that I've always wanted to make. It's sold from my Koonsolo website.

The tools used to develop this game are of course my all time favorites: pygame, python, gVim, blender, the gimp, inkscape and audacity. And this all on the GNU/Linux Kubuntu operating system.

Check it out on the official Mystic Mine website. I guarantee you've never played a game anything like it before...

Rabbit Wars

Rabbit Wars is a top-view, turn-based action game (you can compare it with Worms). It works on all Windows Mobile devices and on PC. The programming was done by Koonsolo (of course ;), and the amazing graphics where done by Jan Halfar (as you can see the graphics are just awesome!). The game itself is published by AIM Productions.

I've learned so much new stuff developing this title: path-finding, shooting and strategy AI, scene management, network play, etc... I chose to use the SDL library for the graphics, which was also an excellent choice (as most open source libraries are).

Monstertruck Challenge

Monstertruck Challenge is a budget PC title, and the first title that I programmed under Koonsolo. It's a fun game where you control a monstertuck in side-view. I reused a lot of code from Trial Challenge for this one, especially the physics and menu structure.

Kung-Fu Fighting

Kunfu Fighting is a game for PocketPC, and was released in april 2005. It is an old school fighting game in the style of Double Dragon or Kung-Fu Master. I started developing Kung-Fu Fighting right before I was assigned to the Tacx Fortius project. Since this project took up almost a year, Kung Fu had to wait that long before I could finish it. That's the reason why we made a sneak preview in may 2004, and the final game was released in april 2005 (hey, I don't work _that_ slow!).

Early on we decided to use video captured actors for the sprites of the characters. We thought this would give the game a realistic look with realistic movements, but we haven't tried anything like this before. It worked out just fine and the end graphics and animations look realy cool. The realistic looking graphics are in contrast with the old school gaming style, which works out just fine in my opinion.

Tacx Fortius

Tacx is a Dutch company that produces professional home trainers for cyclists. Some of their products can be connected to a PC. At AIM we made the Virtual Reality environment where the cyclists can ride in. When it is cold and raining outside people owning one of the Tacx products can ride a sunny course right inside their living room, or when it is sunny oudside they can ride in the rain inside the VR world, put I suppose the second is far less done ;-).

In the project I was responsible for implementing a menu interface that could configure and start this Virtual World, but also other products such as Real Live Video and Catalyst, and communicate with their stand alone computer Cosmos, which are all developed outside our company. The implementation was done in C# with Managed DirectX. I also wrote some smaller products such as an online updater and a registration card. I must say that C# is a mayor improvement over the old C++ MFC classes (they suck big time!). The installers and online updates where also my job.

I learned a lot of technical stuff with this project (C#, DirectX, ...), but the most important thing is that I also got some experience with working with a customer and external companies. The good thing about the project is that we work very close with Tacx. They are realy involved in the whole development process and are realy nice people to work with. I truely hope they are satisfied with what we have delivered.

The Oracle

My boss wanted a magic 8-ball for PocketPC and Smartphone, but we weren't realy sure how it was suppose to look like. I had an idea that we could use those Matrix scrolling characters that would display the answer after some time. I came home and started implementing right away. It was finished in about 2 evenings (working on PC). Then at work I ported it to PocketPC and Smartphone and Patrick, one of our graphicians, made a front screen and it was all done. It was a great feeling that you can develop a product in such a small amout of time.

Dougie Lampkin's Trial Challenge

Trial Challenge is definitely one of my favorite projects. It was my first real game project at AIM, and therefore a lot of my passion went into it. Just after the first release we were contacted by the people of Dougie Lampkin for a licening deal. After this the game was ported to Smartphone and PC. The level system was intentionally made open so everyone could creat their own levels, and of course, some of them did.

Develant has an interview with me on their website about the development of Trial Challenge.

Smartello, Smart4lign, Smart Checkers

These 3 games where ported from their PocketPC versions, but they got a huge facelift. Patrick, one of our graphicians, made the amazing graphics and the dramatic classical sound track. If you want to play in style, use these games.

Reveal Me

Reveal Me was the first game I made at AIM Productions. It is an Othello game where your stones reveal the background, which contains a picture of a hot girl.

Soundz Cool!

My first project at AIM, and it became a mega-seller on the Smartphone platform. And yes, I am verry proud of it.

Tracker Dogs

At the university I had too much spare time so I made a meta-search engine called Tracker Dogs. I open sourced it and you can download it at Sourceforge.

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